Events 2015

Thursday, 15th October
8pm | Lumiere

Presentation of the french documentary „Acta Non Verba“ and following discussion with the director from the Nosotros Collective (Marseille)

[Languages: French, in parts English; Subtitles: German, in parts French]

The director of the film describes his project as follows: „It’s not easy to explain, why I made this project and I gave a lot of thought to its conception. The basic idea behind „Acta Non Verba“ came to me, because I recognized this situation: The rise of the extreme right wing in Europe, their theoretical renewal and new faces and in the same way the perplexity of the left, our immobility and everything that seperates us from the surrounding realities of the world. Clement Merics death, its medial representation was a huge shock for me. I got conscious that we were misunderstood and organized in a wrong way. „Acta Non Verba“ was the answer to a need: In a world of visual information I wanted to shoot a film about our struggles, about people not giving up, always rethinking new methods. While I give different collectives a platform to introduce theirselves, I wanted to show our various projects and objections, but also let those speak, who are active. This film shall be an answer to stereotypes and wrong medial presentation of antifascism, that are spread by some. So I hope that this documentary, which is created by antifascist activists, will enable the audience to understand our right of existence, our hopes, our ambition and the logic behind our actions in a better way.“

Friday, 16th of October
5:30 pm | Kabale

Russia, Ukraine an the West A media analysis from an antifascist perspective with the Anarcha-Syndicalistic Youth Göttingen/ Lower Saxony

[Language: German, translation if required]

For almost two years there is the fight about Ukraine. While it is hard to follow the events in Kiew, on the Crimea and in eastern Ukraine, western and russian Media raise to almost a fight for public opinion. So what is plain propaganda and which kind of information is relevant for a radical left perspective ? Why are both side struggling in their national intoxication and charge each other to be fascistic ? In form of a lecture and following discussion we want to try to enlighten the events and interpret it together.

8pm | T-Keller

Anarchist labor union work as comprehensive, antifascist strategy with the Freie Arberterinnen- und Arbeiter-Union (FAU) (Free Workers Union) Dresden

[Language: German, translation if required]

Antifascism as a sisyphos-task?

Especially in eastern Germany, but also everywhere else in Europe right wing mobilisation reach a dimension against which its not always possible to mobilise. While we are struggling on the streets, conservative politicians from the CDU ( Christian Democratic Union) and SPD ( social party of Germany) running even right of the „worried citizen“ in their legislation, without an effective resistance. In the fight for an minimum of human rights emancipatory answers to actual social anxiety are not heard because of a capcitary overload. Or even worse, debates about strategies how to create a better, equitable society are not distributed and developed in a radical left. The radical left degenerates – without wanting it – to a defender of an unberable status quo and constantly loses ground. In this lecture assumptions to an current dynamic of antifascist actions are presented and approaches to solve those problems are discussed.

Saturday, 17th of October
11am | JuzI

Genova 2001 – Scrutinising the public presentation of the events with Giuliano Giuliani
[Language: Italian with English and German translation, more translations if required]

In July 2001 it came to one of the darkest chapters in the history of italian repression. During the protests against the G8-meeting police officers used cruel and torturing methods against activists. The sad summit of this wave of cruelty was the murder of Carlo Giuliani. Ever since his father tries to enlighten the events in a critical way. This lecture will show the wrong representation in media and will report about the trials against the cops, which led to not only one condemnation. Furthermore Giuliano will inform about the unknown police method to bring agents provocateurs into a demonstration. Finally he wants to talk about the impact of the collaboration between the media and the reactionary politics on the „No Global-Movement“.

2pm | JuzI

Extreme forms of repression in the Diaz-school: Cops torture activists with Giuliano Giuliani

[Language: Italian with English and German translations, more translations if required]

In Genova 2001 repression became extreme: In The context of the protests against the G8-meeting several activists stayed in the Diaz-school. The cops assaulted the school, basted all present activists and imprisoned and tortured those who offered resistance. The cops legitimate this violent and cruel operation, because they wanted to find hidden weapons in the school. The Molotov-cocktails that were found, have been placed there by the police before. Giuliano Giuliani is going to talk about the suffering of the tortured activists and the processes against the involved cops and current events in those processes in the European Court of Human Rights.

5 pm | JuzI

Box Populaire Workshop – Input and workshop about Box Populaire with activists from Saint-Etienne
[Language: French with German translation]
Sadly, the comrades from Saint-Etienne are unable to visit us and to hold the workshop. Instead, we managed to provide another sports-workshop at the same time and place. So bring your sportswear anyway! Details will be announced soon. [Translation will be provided anyways!

We see sports as an individual and collective way of expression, able to communicate values and ideas. According to this we exert ourselves not to reproduce social attitudes - mechanism of leadership, racist, homophobic and sexist ideas and behaviours, even as to much competition – during our training. We see martial arts as a possibility to grow beyond yourself, respect and interchange with other people at once. This workshop is a good example: We want to get to know you, share our skills with you and while doing so distribute such initiatives in a radical left milieu. The mixture of cultures and backgrounds in our town and in our training is another reason for us to fight against all these discriminations.
Boxing – Respect – Autogestion – Antifascism.

8.30 pm | JuzI

Concerts with:
What We Feel (Hardcore – Moskau)
Lena Stöhrfaktor und das Rattenkabinett (Hip Hop – Berlin)
Alarm (Prop n’ Folk – Dresden)
Raptus di Follia (Hardcore Punk – Bern)

Sunday, 18th October
12 am | JuzI

Sparkling wine reception and opening of the exhibition 'Nameless',  also: Vegan Brunch!
with the Siempre Antifascista Collective

14.00 Uhr | JuzI

Documentation: Sad but True: Ivan. In Memory of our Friend.

by What We Feel and the Sad But True Crew.
[Language: russian, Translations: subtitles/direct translation if needed]

Göttingen | 3. Okt. – 7. Okt.